Entertainment shopping mall facing Tokyo Bay


Ramen park of Odaiba to send attractive ramen to for the world!


"The ramen Kokugikan" which was born in AQUA CiTY ODAIBA in 2005 should be called Japanese culture until now and introduced various ramen of the whole country to. Facility name changed from "the ramen Kokugikan, here noodles festival" to "Tokyo ramen Kokugikan dance" to send attractive ramen to the world more from Odaiba while we had customer from foreign countries visit a lot and made its grand opening newly on Friday, April 22, 2016.

Much-talked-about well-known store 6 store which we are proud of popularity in various places throughout the all over Japan, and overseas advance carries out without staying in the country is the concentration.

We offer original menu which each well-known store can taste only here!

We offer original menu which we cannot eat "only by Tokyo ramen Kokugikan dance" let alone ramen of drawing card menu at each store. It is thick prawns pork bones Tsukemen of "Ganjya NEXTLEVEL", thick chicken tantanmen of "Kimuzukashiya", sea bream of "Setagaya" and offers fragrant salt ramen, fatty pork Chomolungma of "second generation Hakata Dharma", fatty roasting ton noodles with roasted pork fillet of "one of Sapporo miso", unrivaled article original menu only in well-known store such as *nokin* curry noodles of "Kanazawa denseness pork bones ramen legendary hermit with miraculous power". In addition, you can thoroughly enjoy not only original menu but also various menus including discerning side menu.

(ganja next level)

Heavy seafood pork bones Tsukemen / thick prawns pork bones Tsukemen

Pioneer of Tsukemen world, Koedo Kawagoe self noodle making obstinate person appear!

Ancestor of Tsukemen-style called "very thick noodles X heavy reckoning sause X fish meal", obstinate person open a store in AQUA CiTY! In AQUA CiTY ODAIBA shop, "prawns next level" of "large Tsukemen Expo" limitation menu is revival of miracle! The parents' house sends one cup of feelings that put self noodle making that storekeeper who is noodle making place makes every morning together to thick prawns pork bone broth heavy seafood pork bones which we stewed more than 15 hours from Koedo Kawagoe!

Thick prawns pork bones Tsukemen

Thick chicken plain hot water ramen

It is chicken plain hot water ramen restaurant of Kanto first to go out shop from Shinshu!

Treasure of Shinshu, thick chicken plain hot water soup! We stewed chicken Gullahs for a long time and, to creamy soup which became calm, and felt which collagen which had begun to melt from destroyed bone emulsified, and was cloudy, put high quality clauses together. Please appreciate genuine taste!

Thick chicken tantanmen

Seafood system soy sauce ramen

Well-known store of soy sauce ramen which can thoroughly enjoy one article polished well that seafood is fragrant!

We are particular about water and all ingredients and training methods from bowl and pursue one cup of delicious ramen. You can eat noted product flat Tsukemen and plain hot water soy sauce ramen and original side menu other than ramen in Odaiba. Please expect limited ramen which you cannot eat only in Odaiba store.

Salt ramen which it is sea bream, and is fragrant
Nidaime Hakata Daruma
(nidaime hakata daruma)

Hakata pork bones ramen

Miraculous ramen that son inherited taste at the time of well-known store "Hakozaki Dharma" of Hakata founding

Hakata pork bones ramen restaurant founded in 1963. Denseness soup which soup cooked the rib only for hind leg of pork in broad-brimmed cooking pot for rice of iron for 16 hours and called back and finished by the manufacturing method. Extra-fine noodles of original recipe that you inherited from predecessors in the family line get twisted up with soup, and please appreciate ramen of taste that is not heavy although being heavy.

Fatty pork Chomolungma
Sapporo Misono
(sapporo misono)

Sapporo Ramen

For founding 120 years, we were supported by tradition
Ramen using the Japanese northernmost miso!

Real Sapporo-style to be able to enter by roast with wok with the balanced best miso of taste brought up into severe cold! It is large curl noodle among aging to combine with soup which drew flavor and body to the maximum. We let you increase appetite in synergism of flavor by performing smoking of barbecued pork. Was able to complete posture in pursuit of original while performing respect of Sapporo ramen of royal road; is full.

Roasting ton fatty tuna noodles with roasted pork fillet
Kanazawa heavy pork bones ramen legendary hermit with miraculous power
(Kanazawa nohko pork bones ramen Shin sen)

Thick pork bones soy sauce ramen

Super thick pork bones soy sauce ramen restaurant of Kanazawa appears for "Tokyo ramen Kokugikan dance"!

Hokuriku strongest super thick pork bone broth that continues letting gourmet of Kanazawa groan is mellow thickly when we can enter mouth. It is one cup of the ultimate that there is not of smell while expressing taste thick with a thud peculiar to pork. In addition, "*nokinsawa curry noodles" are limited ramen to be able to taste only in Odaiba store.

*nokinsawa curry noodles