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Site precautions

Mitsubishi Estate retail management runs, and they manage this homepage. When this homepage is used, we have you read the following use conditions well and would appreciate your using this homepage after agreement.

In addition, give wish to note that it should be thing which had you agree for the use condition that customer used this homepage. In addition, may change contents of publication information and contents as needed, it, please be understood.

About homepage publication information

We do not guarantee various information offering on this homepage about the contents. We do not take any responsibility for the damage, disadvantage that customer produced based on publication information.

About the unexpected situation in reading

We do not take any responsibility about the damage, disadvantage by all damage, disadvantages such as software, accident that we produced on the hardware, pollution due to computer virus, loss, damage of data due to the use of this homepage.

About access log analysis

On this homepage, we record information of computer of accessed customer as access log. We analyze thing and homepage reading improvement, the use situation to search cause when problem occurred on Web server as statistics data and utilize. But we do not identify individual.

About browser to use

We recommend the following browser to use this homepage comfortably.

It is the use in Windows environment

・More than Internet Explorer11
・The Firefox latest edition
・The Google Chrome latest edition

It is the use in Macintosh (OS X) environment

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・The Google Chrome latest edition

About social media formula account

To all of Mitsubishi Estate retail management that social media formula account is used

  • ・All of information dispatch from us (the staff) in social media does not necessarily express our dictum and, about integrity, accuracy of publication information and usefulness, does not guarantee. Thank you for your understanding beforehand. As information sends in our WEB site and news release, about official announcement, please see that. We cannot take responsibility at all by any chance even if the damage occurs to customer regardless of direct indirect mark by using information.
  • ・Information in social media is thing at the time of dispatch, and please be careful as you may be changed afterwards.
  • ・Please note that anti-elocution (way, having answer or not, correspondence time) varies according to accounts.
  • ・Each account may do the end of administration or stop without notice for customer by our judgment.
  • ・Please refrain from following act and contribution (including linked URL notice including following act, expression). When you correspond to the following acts, please note that you may perform deletion or blocking of account by our judgment. In addition, about the damage that occurred to customer due to this, we cannot take responsibility at all.
    • (1) Against public order and morals, or; can cause
    • (2) Or thing tied to illegal act, crime; can cause
    • (3) We judge that or there is a threat that thing which gives nuisance or causes disadvantage or damages
    • (4) We violate intellectual property rights (copyright, trademark, others) and right of likeness, privacy
    • (5) We include harmful program scripts
    • (6) Use our social media in commercial purpose
    • (7) Pretend to be others
    • (8) It is against Terms of Use of each social media
    • (9) In addition, we disturbed management administration and judged that we were inappropriate
  • ・Please refer to our "handling of personal information" for protection of personal information.
  • ・When we judge that it is necessary to change, this policy may be changed without notice for customer.
  • ・We would like our social media policy, inquiry about use of social media to each social media operator.