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Tailor, Home-delivery service available (for a fee)

We remodel by rectification of just size and design only for you

Reform shop that is specialized in clothes. While we do shopping in AQUA CiTY and have a meal, length final stage such as underwear which had you have, other easy rectification are finished. In addition, it depends on change of figure, and it is pleased with whether clothes which there is love and cannot throw away do not sleep in closet in simple price and high technique by and waits in all the staff, kindness, carefulness nio motto as shop loved for a long time. In addition, take baggage of delivery to home casually as receptionist of delivery to home performs.

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From 11:00 to 20:00

Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. group CARD privilege

We only show Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. group CARD, and privilege is received.

Underwear length nail 100 yen discount

Please show "Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. group CARD" at the time of accounts.
※With other discount, services cannot use together.
※Service contents may become change, the end without notice.

About Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. group card privilege