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Casual silver accessories not to choose person putting on as

Product of wide design including cute system of dazzling, Gothic system that you can put on regardless of man and woman is shop clogged up closely from simple system.
In addition, there is the handling of Indian jewelry, too.
We carve a seal by the name and letter including memorial day you like on ring and the pendant top of plate type who had you purchase free.
Come to lemon tree by all means.

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Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. group CARD privilege

We only show Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. group CARD, and privilege is received.

It is 10% OFF by purchase more than tax-excluded 10,000 yen

Please show "Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. group CARD" at the time of accounts.
※With other discount, services cannot use together.
※Service contents may become change, the end without notice.

About Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. group card privilege

Shop news

  • 2017.09.13


    The latest SV necklaces were received.
    French is the etymology; called "bubble" have a meaning.
    Of course material has feelings, and design uses silver 925 of nickel-free of lemon tree pride.
    As it is simple design, you can put on in the body without ON, OFF relations in material of silver.
    As there are pierced earrings, bracelet in the same series, we can have you call by setup.
    Come to LEMONTREE once by all means.
    Pierced earrings 4,800 yen (tax-excluded) ...
    Necklace 7,800 yen (tax-excluded) ...
    Bracelet 9,300 yen (tax-excluded)
    Good-quality silver which does not include nickel which is one of the causes of allergy to metal
    We use.

  • 2017.09.06


    During periods from the present to October 31, we hold the following event in lemon tree.
    ◇Novelty present
    We let first-come-first-served basis present!
     ※Condition of purchase amount of money is in present of novelty.
    ◇Cards event
    We have cards lottery go down by purchase without exception and give the point of up to 3 times
    king…3 times
    ◇Try-on kiang pe n
    In one that tried on product casually, there is no loser in cards lottery! When he/she does not purchase on the spot, there is privilege in WEBSHOP if we use password to hand.
    ※About try-on campaign, it is until September 24.
    ※The newly existing members enrollment applies.
    ※It does not cost enrollment costs, annual convention costs.
    Please put on product of LEMONTREE in the body to the autumn clothing. 

  • 2016.06.23

    ☆We began Instagram☆

    From this month of lemon tree AQUA CiTY ODAIBA shop
    Instagram started!

    As we update introductions of the latest product at any time
    / where we will respond to (/, ω) not to consider by all means!


    Lemon tree formula HP is this! ☞ http://www.lemontree.co.jp/