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Glasses, Sunglasses

Kaneko glasses of "Fukui, Sabae" sprinkle glasses production center and send good good-quality glasses of feeling.

KANEKO OPTICAL is shop that Kaneko glasses which kept moving forward with "Fukui, Sabae" sprinkle glasses production center and send good good-quality glasses of feeling. We produce cell frame on an assembly line in company factory and suggest glasses attaching color to QOL (quality of life) through manufacturing that fused by the skill of takumi and trendy design.

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Shop news

  • 2017.09.13

    Popular products were received again.

    Products more popular than Kaneko celluloid series were received again.

    "KC-21R" "KC-22R"

    As for small square, 22, nature (lens top and bottom width) prepares for design of square type, 21 in wide Wellington.
    It is feature to be usable without choosing place and is recommended in to always hang glasses.
    We are made with size that it is easy to use together, and man and woman is the finish of glasses which whom looks good equally, and are hung.

    KC-21R DEMI (photograph bottom) CHS (from photograph bottom the second)
    KC-22R BK (in photograph) BRH (from the photograph top the second)
    Each 32,400 yen (tax in)

    We wait for visit of all of you.

  • 2017.09.08

    Beauty that showed framework

    Popular items are received again.

    "KV-61" "KV-62"

    We let titanium becoming framework go around in the front upper part and are model that screws entering plastic and titanium of lens, and was formed.
    We are made on glasses which strength improves by there being titanium becoming the basics and can use for a long time while training the whole to be on the small side and delicateness.
    It is few specification on normal glasses, but we hang when we have you try once, and overwhelmed visitor comes to good point of feeling, beauty of design.
    Two kinds of forms prepare for 61 Wellington, 62 Boston and a lot of color development align, too and wait.

    KV-61 CL (in the photograph left) NVS (the photograph lower left)
    KV-62 BK (photograph top right corner) RDDE (the photograph lower right)
    Each 38,880 yen (tax in)

    We wait for visit of all of you.

  • 2017.09.01

    Form to adjust to autumn clothes

    It is introduction of design taking part in autumn coordinates

    "KV-27" "KV-34"

    We call two designs "samonto" and are model comprised of metal at plastic, the lower part at the front upper part.
    It is design to be able to call one of the representative of classic design and can use the fourth angle KV-27 for strict impression, impression that round KV-34 is more fashionable.
    Affinity is good for autumn clothes which we did including traditional fashion fashion, and what we tighten features when we hung more and make clear is characteristic of this design.
    We think that design as if coolness coexists with lacking taste in snuggles up to visitors as good friend enhancing autumn fashion.

    KV-27 YL (in the photograph left) BKSI (the photograph lower left)
    Together 36,720 yen (tax in)
    KV-34BES (photograph top right corner) DEMI (the photograph lower right)
    Together 38,880 yen (tax in)

    We wait for visit of all of you.

  • 2017.08.18

    Silver925 X celluloid

    Our craftsman makes by hand and is introduction of special model using high silver - "silver 925" of purity used for celluloid and accessories which we polished up.

    "Kaneko celluloid premiere series"

    Frame which kept more solid feeling and sense of quality including the decorations of one point using silver on armor (front both ends part) of frame is design granting gorgeous and reliable impression by to hang.
    Using celluloid which reliable impression is spread out to frame, and has sufficient hardness in frame material itself, wealth is well solid; is finished.

    We offer exclusive case to visitor of purchase. Case of piano black creates sense of quality like frame, and there is even novelty keeping attachment for a long time. Please consider.

    Kaneko celluloid premiere series
    It is KCP-04 BK, KCP-01 BLS, KCP-03 DEMI (from bottom)
    Each 48,600 yen (tax in)

    We wait for visit of all of you.

  • 2017.07.27

    The latest news

    It is introduction from "Kaneko celluloid series" with the latest frame this week.
    "KC-51 .52.53"

    We offer three kinds of one kind of round between size that is good for both man and woman with two kinds of removed square types of balance in total.
    We include the first attempt, "decoration hinge" in this series this time while being frame which can enjoy luster of celluloid enough.
    We adopt golden metal decoration to hinge (coming together part of the front desk and string) and are the finish which created sense of quality.
    But it is design which is usable without sarcasm if we see altogether, and both errand and work making the most of are glasses which can bring good change to usable visitor every day.

    Please try glasses giving stimulation that is good for daily life.

    KC-51 BLS (the photograph left)
    KC-52 BK (the photograph center)
    KC-53 DEMI (the photograph right)
    All 36,720 yen (tax in)

    We wait for visit of all of you.

  • 2017.07.07

    Pleasure to jump, and to achieve

    Do you know glasses called simple system splash advance glasses? Right and left lens of glasses jumps up to the top and plays glasses of form to change to state of vision by the naked eye temporarily.
    "KJ-22" "KJ-23"

    Basic how to use has you put frequency lens that nearsighted visitor sees the distance and when it is hard to see neighborhood, we jump and give to the top and are used by method to see, and to assist eo nearby.
    It is frame which we will give a though to in which was felt when it is hard to use one that was aware of, far and near for two uses lens for farsightedness by all means recently.
    Sunglasses specifications prepare for similar flame, too and are effective when we enter tunnel in case of drive, and view became dark. There is advantage that jumps only at time in dark tunnel, and puts up, and can find clear view and is comfort which there is the direction for uses to mark normal sunglasses and line.

    Please try glasses full of functionality of new sense in our restaurant.

    KJ-22 NVS sunglasses specifications (in the photograph left)
    KJ-23 RDDE sunglasses specifications (the photograph lower left)
    Together 43,200 yen (tax in)
    KJ-23 BRH (photograph top right corner)
    KJ-22 BK (the photograph lower right)
    Together 41,040 yen (tax in)

    We wait for visit of all of you.

  • 2017.06.21

    Under rim of craftsman

    Under rim…Frame of design created in the case of drawing of comics, animation is unusual glass acquiring some constituencies.
    "tsunehitomisaku T264"
    Under rim design which craftsman of Sabae made is very rare frame and is celluloid and glass that we hang, and feeling is good using sun platinum which strongly appear of luster when we exposed to light.
    Form of lens is made with rectangle and may have you consider good point of convenience hung smartly more than imagination while being upper shape to be far from.
    Because the number of the production is limited, we become model who rarely lines up in store.

    T-264 ATG (the photograph left) ATS2 (the photograph right)
    Together 38,880 yen (tax in)

    We wait for visit of all of you.

  • 2017.06.13

    Form that great man loved

    Form "round" of glasses inherited to the 20th to the 21st century from person to person.
    As for the form that celebrity including John Lennon and Steve Jobs used habitually, our store has preparation.
    "KV-48" "KV-49"
    48 is large and is when hung with just right condition when 49 has you choose thinking that frame prepared into small pieces is small a little than face width of having you hang.
    We adopt structure of "a pile" that that nose pat is attached to part of nosepiece, conventional circle glasses, and this frame exposes mediation part between right and left lens to the ridge of the nose directly, and notable D Tyr hangs and supports condition. We let design which is simpler with circle glasses become more attractive by using pile structure.
    We are said to have a look with round that is apt to give jocular impression, but it is easy to put together in various fashions when we hang once and is superior design in versatility.
    You hang round shape to be able to call the origin of glasses in you by all means, and please try.

    KV-48 BS (top right corner) BWG (the photograph lower right)
    KV-49 BKGP (in the left) ATG (the lower left)
    Together 34,560 yen (tax in)

    We wait for visit of all of you.

  • 2017.05.31

    KANEKO OPTICAL Sunglass Collection 2017

    We do suggestion of sunglasses to all of you at this time when it was season when there is feeling of early summer.
    It is introduction of sunglasses made of Kaneko glasses celluloid.

    ・Easy feel only by natural material.
    ・Luster, taste that is profound so as to use.
    ・Celluloid which we let idle more than three years has few transformation and shrinkages firmly.
    ・Because handling is difficult; special dish by manual labor of craftsman.

    It is material which we spent trouble time when these characteristics are given on.
    As for fluency of feel of a material and the strength of luster, sense of quality as it is called replacement of tortoiseshell in the old days, good article are the first class goods.
    All the latest sunglasses received this time give moderate thickness to be able to enjoy good celluloid, and hues that we put woodgraining processing for offer clear yellow, the surface reminding of the white former of tortoiseshell from classic black a lot.

    Look for sunglasses which are useful for close season by all means in our restaurant.

    (from the photograph left)
    KCS-10 RDS
    KCS-12 CYL
    KCS-09 BK
    Each 34,560 yen (tax in)

    We wait for visit of all of you.