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Harness Dog

Pet Fashion goods

We support pet dog and wonderful life with owner

We suggest wonderful dock life to concept in harness dock "connects pet dog and owner".
We suggest pet goods full of charm. We support pet dog and stylish life of owner.

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Shop news

  • 2017.12.02


    AQUA CiTY ODAIBA Harness Dog reaches the eighth anniversary from opening on December 5!
    We thank for everyday love and campaign in anniversary.

    We wait for visit of all of you than all the staff feeling.

  • 2017.12.01

    New Year's present ticket present

    We do it this year!
    New Year's present ticket present♪

    During period of from Friday, December 1 to Sunday, December 31, we present 1,000 yen New Year's present ticket which is usable to visitor of purchase more than body price 10,000 yen at direct management stores of the whole country!
    Please use bulk buyings at this opportunity.

    Duration of New Year's present ticket use: From Monday, January 1, 2018 to 31st Wednesday
    ※Combination with discount is impossible lucky bag and other coupons.
    In addition, it is not available at some direct management store store.
    Specifically, ask to the staff.

  • 2017.12.01

    Christmas present campaign

    Christmas present campaign♪
    We ride chin by purchase more than - 5,000 yen (tax-excluded) on December 1 and present pillow!
    Please use for Christmas present to doggy.
    ※It becomes the end as soon as we disappear

  • 2017.11.01

    Scarf present!

    November 3 - scarf present campaign is held☆
    We present scarf by purchase more than two pieces of outer implication batter!
    We make an outstanding performance in cold season♪

    Become the end as soon as disappear; come early.

  • 2017.07.10

    Doggy day!

    11th is bowwow day every month!
    The point of reward card is double♪

    "Freeze dry natto toritsu" is presented this month by visitor bought☆
    ※Number includes limit; become the end as soon as disappear.

    We look forward to visit of all of you.

  • 2016.09.14

    Natural real foods of love cat

    Real foods for cat are released!
    Only using 100% baby bird from Kyushu, it is general nourishing food of naturalism that we are particular about the carefully selected subject matter and finished.
    We support health and immunity of stomach by KT-11 (lactic acid bacteria) combination.
    Please try natural real foods reliable safely by all means.

  • 2016.07.26

    Tears desperation spray

    New product!
    Tears desperation spray was made to release.

    We remove eye mucus, tears desperation that there was in the mouth circumference, slaver desperation kindly.
    It is additive-free and can use as cat!
    As you are kind to skin, please use for everyday care by all means.

  • 2016.05.09

    Washable buggy appearance!

    New product!
    Buggy which basket and canopy could wash when we took off baseplate came up.
    As we can wash even if we do pee in buggy at time when we have got on with becoming dirty when we went for outing together, it is clean anytime.
    As there is hook of prevention of jumping out, even doggy which is full of curiosity can get on in peace.
    In addition, we can load onto car as we can receive if there is gap of around 30-40cm as we can easily fold!
    Besides, please see by all means at store as crown pattern and pretty denim, washable buggies of character design are received.