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High quality chocolate brand on behalf of Belgium

Commencing with classic collection such as praline and truffle, we develop tasteful chocolate product at seasonally limited collection and baked confectionery, ice cream, good quality including "shokorikisa" of chocolate drink.
In bright shop, you can choose various lineups depending on use from gift-giving use to home business slowly.

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Shop news

  • 2017.09.13

    2017 magic collection

    By Halloween-limited collection "magic collection of 2017," black cat and pumpkin like Halloween come up. Package that pretty black cat gets on pumpkin is full of senses of fun. 
    Package only for this time creates pleasant atmosphere of Halloween still more.


    These three kinds of collection-limited chocolate. Small grain of "truffle strawberry" which adds to smooth caramel and "truffle Sor Ted caramel" which wrapped chocolate ganache with sea salt as accent in dark chocolate, and wrapped white chocolate ganache of flavored with strawberry in white chocolate and strawberry is sweet-sour, and fragrant "boyfriend milk strawberry" appears.


    Besides, we offer various lineups like Halloween. -limited design "GODIVA Hello Kitty" appears in 2017 when we assort and played the part of "Halloween assortment mug cup" and black cat of chocolate which entered mug cup which treated black cat and design of pumpkin "lapping chocolate Halloween assortment" which can enjoy "collection magic cat assortment" of face of cat-shaped pretty package and limited flavor.


    In addition, we offer popular baked confectionery with Halloween-limited package. We lead from Friday, September 1, 2017 and release in order to meet early Halloween demand. "Halloween Bour screw Cui" is "Halloween pumpkin cookies" and can thoroughly enjoy Halloween feeling.
    Halloween collection of GODIVA which pumpkin pleased with pretty black cat and the arrival of Halloween was described in colors Halloween of 2017 still more gorgeously. Please enjoy.

    Sale period: From Wednesday, September 13, 2017 to Tuesday, October 31
    Release more precedent as for "Halloween Bour screw Cui" "Halloween pumpkin cookies" than Friday, September 1, 2017

  • 2017.08.23

    2017 gold Discovery collection

    Both taste and appearance are more modern, and, for "gold collection to represent GODIVA," refined "gold Discovery collection" comes up. Taste to symbolize tradition and Crafts Manship of GODIVA was modern, and "gold Discovery collection" was gorgeous, and it assorted chocolate which evolved and unprecedented modern, fresh appearance and chocolate of taste in package of good-quality gold.

    Macadamia nut that caramel turned off new chocolate appearing for "gold Discovery collection" and combination of shortbread biscuit which did fast are refined chocolate in modishness including "vorupute II" which wrapped attractive filberts praline in sweet milk chocolate and "aryurupisutashu" which is fragrant, and wrapped pistachio praline smooth highly in delicate dark chocolate.

    History, tradition of GODIVA and Crafts Manship are modern, and please enjoy an elegant time when "discovery" does new GODIVA by "gold Discovery collection" that evolved.

    Sale period: August 23, 2017 ...

  • 2017.08.23

    2017 GODIVA truffle Delhi

    The outside is crunchy, and "GODIVA truffle Delhi" is truffle of new sense that the inside can enjoy soft and fluffy texture by person grain. Comfortable texture of coating that is light, smooth mousse and Krispy can taste light taste that is different from rich image of truffle chocolate in harmony with admirability.

    We wrap passion fruit mousse which we heard of pink pepper flavor in dark chocolate and wrap almond mousse which flavored with "truffle bellows" which we coated with crunchy chocolate Krispy pearl and orange flower heard in milk chocolate, and "toryufufururudooranjie" which we coated with milk chocolate flake and oranges peel flake which we did fast wraps grapefruit and citrus mousse of blood orange in dark chocolate, and all truffle six kinds which variation including "toryufuaguryumu" which we coated with milk chocolate flake and refreshing lemon beer flake is rich in appear in "GODIVA truffle Delhi's" coming up this time.

    Something innovative texture, please thoroughly enjoy "GODIVA truffle Delhi" of charm with conventional truffle chocolate which classic GODIVA gives.

    Sale period: Wednesday, August 23, 2017 ...

  • 2017.08.23

    2017 pumpkin cookies assortments

    Flavor "pumpkin" of popularity appears to cookies having favorable reception in baked confectionery of GODIVA which valued good-quality chocolate original taste in particular with gift assortment in autumn.

    "Pumpkin cookies" are sand with langue de chat dough with pumpkin white chocolate of mellow sweetness. Furthermore, we attach cocoa nibs to topping and are cookies which can enjoy deep taste.

    Assort with classic "milk chocolate cookies" which Sandoz made milk chocolate with langue de chat dough that cocoa is fragrant slightly, and autumnal scenery that package imaged bouquet of autumn flower is gorgeous assortment.
    Please enjoy autumn to deepen with popular flavor "pumpkin cookies assortment" in autumn with important one.

    Sale period: From Wednesday, August 23, 2017 to Tuesday, October 31, 2017
    Kind and price:
    1,188 yen (tax-included) containing eight pieces (four pieces of pumpkin cookies four pieces / milk chocolate) (body price 1,100 yen)
    With 32 pieces (16 pieces of pumpkin cookies 16 pieces / milk chocolate) 3,240 yen (body price 3,000 yen)

  • 2017.07.12

    "shokorikisahowaitochokoretobanana" where the second GODIVA X Licca-chan collaboration campaign "GODIVA meets LiccA" Rika acts as model release!

    ◆"shokorikisahowaitochokoretobanana" where the second GODIVA X Licca-chan collaboration campaign "GODIVA meets LiccA" Rika acts as model release!

    "Licca-chan" which is born in 1967, and is loved by wide generation (sales agency: TOMY COMPANY, LTD.).

    It was for a limited time and took office as Ambassador of longed-for brand "GODIVA" with memory that there were many this year, Licca-chan of the 50th anniversary of the Licca-chan birth.
    We appear in latest "shokorikisahowaitochokoretobanana" of GODIVA that Licca-chan becomes release for the second on Wednesday, July 12 of GODIVA meets LiccA as model this time!


    Limited flavor "shokorikisahowaitochokoretobanana" comes up in popular chocolate drink "shokorikisa" of GODIVA. 
    shokorikisa where subtle acidity blends with refined sweetness of ripe banana to white chocolate indulgently.
    In cold drink, you can feel texture of white chocolate which you crushed small. We decorated chocolate sauce inside of cup and, also, performed topping of banana sauce on the whip cream.
    It is refreshing, and good taste tempts into feeling that is in tropical resort in summer.

    Sale period: From Thursday, July 12, 2017 to Saturday, September 30
    Capacity in price /: 600 yen (body price 556 yen) / 270 ml

  • 2017.06.28

    2017 "fondant chocolate" "milk chocolate mango"

     Dessert ice cream that "fondant chocolate" of new flavor can thoroughly enjoy chocolate.
    In milk chocolate ice cream only by GODIVA, we shut in smooth chocolate sauce and tender chocolate cookies. Texture such as cake and chocolate sauce which begins to melt smoothly totally raise luxurious feeling.
     In addition, "milk chocolate mango" is stylish two-tone ice which twisted fruity sorbet which mango which we did into milk chocolate ice cream and a puree only by GODIVA form melted into. It is deep taste that chocolate sauce blends with full-bodied taste of milk chocolate in refreshing sweetness of mango wealthily.
     We increase these two kinds of new flavor, and "cup ice" becomes ten kinds of lineups in total.

  • 2017.05.17


    Limited flavor "shokorikisahowaitochokoretodajirinti" comes up in popular chocolate drink "shokorikisa" of GODIVA.
    "shokorikisahowaitochokoretodajirinti" used Darjeeling tea which was one of the three major tea of the world than tea flavor of popularity.
    shokorikisa of refreshing taste that rich flavor of Darjeeling tea leaves blends with easy sweetness of white chocolate in a good balance. White chocolate which we crushed small enters cold drink and can taste accent of texture and chocolate of GODIVA. Furthermore, on the whip cream, topping does powder of 100% of Darjeeling tea leaves from India and can enjoy refined flavor of Darjeeling called muscatel flavor.
    Please spend an elegant time when flavor of discerning tea leaf is fragrant softly with "shokorikisahowaitochokoretodajirinti".

  • 2017.05.17

    2017 "lemonade chocolate cookies assortments"

    "Lemonade chocolate cookies assortment" appears to cookies of GODIVA which harmony of chocolate which is full of light langue de chat dough and flavors can enjoy newly.
    Sand did lemon white chocolate with langue de chat dough with cocoa, and "lemonade chocolate cookies assortment" assorted "white chocolate cookies" that sand did "lemonade chocolate cookies" of new sale that attached lemon tip to topping and white chocolate of kind sweetness with langue de chat dough.
    Yellow color of package is good assortment in summer when we directed activeness when refreshing of lemon flavor, too.
    Please enjoy harmony of chocolate which eloquence of lemon, taste and flavor that we did quickly are rich in with season-limited "lemonade chocolate cookies assortment" in summer.

  • 2017.05.17

    2017 "sable chocolate" summer & autumn

    "Sable chocolate" that sand did ganache of full-bodied smooth chocolate from Belgium to sable which we baked quickly with moisture. We appear in main Flavour with limited package with "raspberry & dark chocolate" and "milk chocolate caramel" got close to from the beginning of release this summer.
    Please enjoy a time with lineup of chocolate to be able to taste deliciously in summer when GODIVA suggests.

  • 2017.04.05

    "shokorikisahowaitochokoretosutoroberi & tip"

    Rich shokorikisa using two kinds of strawberries that shokorikisahowaitochokoretosutoroberi & chocolate tip varies in taste. It is fruity taste that strawberry sauce of easy sweetness blends with refreshing dry strawberry to white chocolate.
    In cold drink, we can enjoy texture of white chocolate which we crushed small. In addition, on the inside and the whip cream of cup, we decorated strawberry sauce gorgeously and performed topping of chocolate tip more.
    Strawberry and chocolate that topping did white chocolate and chocolate tip which dry strawberry and strawberry sauce and white chocolate crushed small in shokorikisa of base raise deluxe feeling still more.
    Please spend a sweet time for "shokorikisahowaitochokoretosutoroberi & chocolate tip" which chocolate and popular strawberry excellent at affinity can taste.

    Sale period: From Wednesday, April 5, 2017 to Saturday, September 30, 2017
    Capacity in price /: 600 yen (tax-included) / 270 ml

  • 2017.04.05

    2017 "praline cookies assortments"

    "Praline cookies assortment" appears to cookies of GODIVA which harmony of chocolate which is full of light langue de chat dough and flavors can enjoy newly.
    Praline of GODIVA characterized by wet fluency and flavor that are unique using filberts which selected carefully.

    Sand did filberts praline with langue de chat dough with cocoa and assorted two kinds of langue de chat cookies of "praline cookies" of new sale that we attached almond which was fragrant to topping to and classic milk chocolate cookies. You can enjoy harmony which chocolate of deep taste and langue de chat cookies of taste that we did quickly play.

    Please give important one "praline cookies assortment" of deluxe taste of praline which flavor spreads through every mouthful.
    ※Praline…We added cacao butter and special Flavour to filberts and almond-based paste

    Sale period: Wednesday, April 5, 2017 ...

    Kind and price (tax-included): 

    ・Praline cookies assortment
    With eight pieces (four pieces of praline four pieces / milk chocolate) 1,080 yen 
    With 18 pieces (nine pieces of praline nine pieces / milk chocolate) 2,160 yen
    With 32 pieces (16 pieces of praline 16 pieces / milk chocolate) 3,240 yen

    ・Praline cookies
    With five pieces (five pieces of praline) 561 yen

  • 2017.03.16

    "Gold icon collection"

    GODIVA which began from which wrapped Pierre doh that was master chocolatier of GODIVA in 1926. It is existence that it may be said with technical knowledge of the making of chocolate which "gold collection" spends history more than 90 now and cultivated and top of expert technique. "Gold icon collection" was made with the chocolate succeeded to and gave proudhearted tradition new breath and was born.


    <product summary>
    Brand name: Gold icon collection
    Sale period: From Thursday, March 16, 2017 to Thursday, March 15, 2018
    Kind and price: 4,320 yen containing 12 3,240 yen containing nine 2,268 yen with six drops

  • 2017.03.16

    2017 "rejienderutoryufu"

    We pursued innovativeness to truffle while GODIVA beginning from chocolate studio which Belgian chocolatier, Pierre doh to wrap began in 1926, and inheriting tradition.
    "rejienderutoryufu" loads person grain person grain with thought to the times and technique of GODIVA during passing long history of GODIVA and is collection that continues evolving to new development. "toryufufurezueregante" and two kinds of "truffle bell Zeke" in pursuit of innovativeness appear newly while inheriting tradition of truffle of GODIVA in 2017.

    "toryufufurezueregante" adopted modern elegance and upper feel of a material in truffle "truffle phrase" of strawberry which was one of the masterpieces of GODIVA. It is modern, and "truffle bell Zeke" is finished to truffle symbolizing tradition and innovativeness which we finished using supekyurosu *1 and Liege syrup *2 of Belgian traditional material.
    *Something like gelee of kind *2 pear and apple of 1 Belgian traditional cookies

    Innovativeness accomplishing evolution newly is expressed as tradition of GODIVA in package. Package which we made design of chocolate sauce on at random images Crafts Manship of GODIVA, and texture that color and the feel of dark brown are smooth expresses warmth that color of truffle and truffle have.
    In "rejienderutoryufu of GODIVA full of Crafts Manship who put thought to the times," please spend reward to oneself and important and a deluxe time around the times.

    Sale period: Thursday, March 16, 2017 ...
    Kind and price (tax-included): 7,020 yen with 5,400 yen, 16 drops with 4,104 yen, 12 drops with 2,808 yen, nine drops with six drops