Entertainment shopping mall of Japanese best category facing Tokyo Bay

Facility information

Service for tourists


Because we are light, and shopping has you enjoy meal, we install locker in six places in hall.
(all 200)

3F central S boyfriend - ter(the Disney Store side)

3F West elevator hall (the STUSSY depths)

3F Coca-Cola store is horizontal

The 3F Coca-Cola store back

The 4F koiku tehirobaappii Daiba side

3F central escalator is fully equipped with large locker in addition to normal locker.
As it is size to enter easily, please use suitcase.

Foreign currency automatic changemaker / toraberekkusu
Handling currency: [sale] The U.S. dollar
[purchase] It is hometown, dollar of Taiwan, Korean Wong among the U.S. dollar, the euro
Place: 3F center escalator neighborhood (cf. map) / 4F exemption from taxation counter is horizontal
Facility map