Large entertainment shopping mall facing Tokyo Bay

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Large compound shopping center in perfect location that AQUA CiTY ODAIBA is next to Odaiba Kaihinkoen, and faces the downtown area over the Statue of Liberty and Rainbow Bridge. Shopping zone where about 60 stores gathered mainly on casual fashion which felt refreshing sea breeze. Gourmet zone largest in seafront where restaurant which is full of variety such as Japanese, Western, and Chinese style Italians is displayed at. Large cinema complex (compound movie theater) where we can enjoy three multi-screening system "ScreenX" and 4DX® of the first in Japan landing.

Furthermore, Shinto shrine "AQUA CiTY ODAIBA Shinto shrine" that wish of "Tokyo ramen Kokugikan dance" and seven comes true is on upper rank and can enjoy all day.

Come to AQUA CiTY ODAIBA in the middle of the downtown area by all means.

  • Shopping zone where about 80 stores gathered

    Shopping zone where about 80 stores gathered.
    It became afresh.

  • The seafront's greatest gourmet zone

    The seafront's greatest gourmet zone. Restaurants which are full of variety such as Japanese, Western, and Chinese style Italians form a line.

  • The Statue of Liberty which completely became symbol of Odaiba now

    The Statue of Liberty which completely became symbol of Odaiba now. It was installed triggered by "age in Japan of France" in 1998.

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  • AQUA CiTY ODAIBA Shinto shrine
    AQUA CiTY ODAIBA Shinto shrine

    It is one of Tokyo ten large Shinto shrines and has you divide divine spirit from "the turf Grand Shrine at Ise" got close to "Ise of Kanto" for a long time. This Shinto shrine is full of green, and it becomes oasis that can get close to all of you located at the AQUA CiTY ODAIBA 7F roof. Please enjoy the four seasons of Odaiba at outstanding location that can overlook Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, beautiful scenery of Tokyo including the Statue of Liberty. We can expect the Tokyo Skytree, too.


    Ramen theme park which made more attractive ramen notice kesuruo theme from Odaiba to the world. Much-talked-about well-known store 6 store which we are proud of popularity in various places throughout the all over Japan, and overseas advance carries out without staying in the country is the concentration. We will offer original menu which we cannot eat "only by Tokyo ramen Kokugikan dance" let alone ramen of drawing card menu at each store.

  • United cinema AQUA CiTY ODAIBA
    United cinema AQUA CiTY ODAIBA

    Let alone the digital 3D screening, we are fully equipped with the highest screening system including three multi-screening system "ScreenX" (screen X) and "4DX®" of Riki Osako.
    Tokyo is largest and is cinema complex of 13 screen.

Neighboring recommended tourist attractions

Dramatic scenery, gourmet zone of Japanese best category, authentic shopping mall, service with high quality.
General shopping mall "AQUA CiTY ODAIBA" which we had all. There are many tourist attractions around this shopping mall.

  • Fuji TV
    Fuji TV

    Character goods store is in building. Studio promenade has open-air set of TV show and clothes of appearance and can observe the spot photographing TV show. We can overlook seaside area from globe scenic dome of specialty of Odaiba!

  • Odaiba Kaihinkoen
    Odaiba Kaihinkoen

    There are sandy beach and promenade of length of 1.25km, and view spot that can look at Rainbow Bridge from the front is particularly recommended to couple.

  • Rainbow Bridge
    Rainbow Bridge

    As for bridge, the Rainbow Bridge linking Odaiba to Shibaura, as for the height, 918m, marine height are 524m. General road and Yurikamome have top and bottom 2 laminar structure to run in the Metropolitan expressway, the lower layer in the upper air of bridge. We are lighted up in the night and shine in Tokyo Bay.