Large entertainment shopping mall facing Tokyo Bay


Neighboring maps

Person who comes by train

Yurikamome Shimbashi - Daiba: 15 minutes 1-minute walk
Toyosu - Daiba: 16 minutes 1-minute walk
Daiba Station timetable
Rinkai Line Shinkiba - Tokyoteleport: Seven minutes 6-minute walk
Osaki - Tokyoteleport: 11 minutes 6-minute walk
Shibuya - Tokyoteleport: 17 minutes 6-minute walk
Shinjuku - Tokyoteleport: 23 minutes 6-minute walk
Tokyo-Teleport Station timetable
From Ueno, the Asakusa area Ueno - Shimbashi - Daiba: 34 minutes 1-minute walk
Asakusa - Shimbashi - Daiba: 43 minutes 1-minute walk

Person who comes by car

From Rainbow Bridge It is approximately three minutes from Metropolitan expressway 11 Daiba Line "Daiba exit"
From Yokohama, the Haneda area It is approximately one minute from bay-coast express way "seaside newly developed city center exit"
From Chiba, the Kasai area It is approximately five minutes from bay-coast express way "Ariake exit"

Person who comes by route bus

Rainbow bus In front of Shinagawa - Fuji TV: Up to 35 minutes 1-minute walk
In front of Tamachi - Fuji TV: Up to 25 minutes 1-minute walk

Access from airport

Haneda Airport

Tokyo Monorail (17 minutes) Airport limousine

Tokyo BIC site
For (Odaiba) (18 minutes)
Tennozu-Isle Station
Rinkai Line (three minutes)
Tokyo-Teleport Station In front of Fuji TV
On foot (six minutes) On foot (one minute)


Narita Airport

Keisei Narita SKY ACCESS Line
(46 minutes)
Airport limousine

Going to Hilton Tokyo Odaiba
(75-95 minutes)
Keisei-Takasago Station
Keisei Main Line (25 minutes)
Shimbashi Station Grand NIKKO Daiba, Tokyo
Yurikamome (15 minutes) On foot (three minutes)
Daiba Station
On foot (one minute)


Water bus

Odaiba line Sunrise pier - Odaiba Kaihinkoen: Approximately 20 minutes 1-minute walk